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Memorial Park V6

The Mission of the Richard Herold – Charles Schultz Scholarship is to honor two brave, young Vietnam War veterans from Metuchen High School, Class of 1962. Through this scholarship we wish to preserve their memory and, in some small way, thank them for their sacrifice. We also wish to recognize and thank all of our classmates who served in the military. The fund will award one scholarship annually to a graduating senior from Metuchen High School, starting in 2010, who demonstrates high scholastic achievement, as well as leadership in school and community activities. Consideration will be given to candidates who either plan to enter the military or who have relatives who have or are currently serving in the military. Consideration will also be made based on financial need.

The idea for this scholarship was originally suggested by Nina Pantaleoni Weil after she attended a memorial service at Veterans memorial Park in Metuchen, NJ. She recruited me to the project which I’ve enjoyed since it’s given me an opportunity to re-connect with many of my classmates and to learn new things (like creating this website). Mary Ann Barta Enchura, Claudia Compton Connolly and Joe Zarinsky all helped to assemble a mailing list of Metuchen High School classmates. And Karen Herold Rubarski and Peter Schultz provided lots of helpful feedback as we worked to establish this scholarship fund.

My memory wanes as I age, but when I think about the sixties I’m reminded of tumultuous times – the Civil Rights Movement, Woodstock, the Vietnam War. One important lesson I think we, as a country, learned from those years was that whether or not you support our current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the men and women who serve our country in the military deserve our greatest respect and gratitude. When I look at the high school graduation pictures of Charlie and Rich, it saddens me to think they sacrificed so much. Since I retired I’ve discovered an interest in American history. Some of my favorite books are John Adams (David McCullough), Team of Rivals (Doris Kearns Goodwin) and American Lion (John Meacham). These books made me more aware that the freedoms we enjoy came with a price.

I’ve received many touching comments from classmates and contributors to the scholarship fund. Please click on Contributor & Classmate Comments in the Menu Bar to view a summary of these comments.

Our original fund raising goal was $10,000. We currently have slightly over $20,000 in our scholarship account and have awarded 5 scholarships to date. 100% of all contributions are used towards the scholarship awards as we have NO overhead costs. The trustees of the scholarship fund include:
        Nina Pantaleoni Weil
        Karen Herold Rubarski
        Peter Schultz
        Jackie Owen Hasselbrook

If you wish to contribute please make checks out to Herold Schultz Scholarship and send care of Jackie Owen Hasselbrook, 1612 Mountain Top Road, Bridgewater, NJ 08807.

Thanks for all your support.

Jackie Owen Hasselbrook
Jackie Reunion

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